Going to HEB? You can pay for your groceries or gas and support St. Peter’s Youth Ministry!

When you buy HEB cards from St. Peter’s, you get the FULL value of the cards you purchase and HEB gives 5% of that amount back to the church. $100 HEB card = $5.00 for the church.

Cards can be purchased after all the Masses or in the Parish Office. If you would like to support a particular teen, just mention their name when you purchase cards in the Parish Office.

Due to the high number of teens signing up to sell HEB cards, we had to modify our policies.
  • A teen may only sell at one Mass per weekend.  
  • A teen may not sell at the same Mass two weekends in a row.  
  • If you sign up to sell at a Mass you are expected to show up.  We understand that circumstances arise (emergencies, schedule conflicts etc.) that prevents you from selling.  It is the teen’s responsibility to contact Lacey Sorrell as soon as possible so that a replacement can be found. 
  • Friday of each week, a reminder text will be sent to the teens scheduled to sell that weekend.
  • Parents, you can also purchase HEB cards through the Parish Office and give your teen credit.  This is another way to help boost sales for your teen 🙂



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